Coach Dora

Head Pilates Instructor (@puremotionbodyandfitness)
As a Chiropractor and Pilates instructor, my vision is to see people improve their quality of life. Exercise is not just a way for us to stay in shape; it is a way for us to develop strength, flexibility, coordination, speed, agility and endurance. I am a person who thrives on challenges and believes in providing 100% commitment to my patients/clients at all times. Pilates has been one of my biggest tools in assisting with spinal health improvement, developing stabilization, refining posture, improving mechanics of movement, reeducating muscle recruitment patterns and reinforcing function and well being. All these combined will improve performance in any form of training. I strongly believe that the condition of the body influences the state of the mind.
Bachelor of Complementary Medicine
Masters of Chiropractic
Dry Needling
Rehab and Studio Pilates