Coach Aldo


Since my introduction to CrossFit in 2012, continual improvement in strength, speed, and stamina are surpassed only by a newfound commitment to see that same improvement in individuals at Revolution X and the larger CrossFit community worldwide.

A little about me and why I train…

I have had an affinity for fitness and all that relates to it ever since I can remember, when I was younger I used to watch the tv shows and want to look like superman. As I grew I spent a lot of time playing sport at school and in my own time, this lead to me focusing my training in to sports related training more specifically Rugby. This lead to me coming to Australia and trying my hand against all that rugby offers here, After 5 years and many injuries I decided enough was enough, and decided to take up CrossFit this way I could keep my competitive and juices flowing along with my fitness levels high and my injuries low!

What is coaching and fitness to me?
For me as a Coach I want to make your session the thing you look forward to most in the day, apart from my dastardly good looks ;), training needs to be fun as well as informative. With my back
ground in strength and conditioning coaching, youth work and coaching young people for me it is important to look at people holistically and get the most out of them individually, through fun and engaging activities, and although adults sometimes don’t wish to show it they still want to have fun like kids, and I’m here to bring that fun out and make you work hard at the same time!
Outside of fitness I have many other passions which includes mental health awareness, which I believe works hand in hand with fitness anyway, as a healthy body can create a healthy mind. I also
love to travel seeing the world is a great thing to experience it also allows me opportunities to train in new gyms and gain new ideas.


Ba(Hons) Physical Education and Sports Development
Diploma Sport Performance and Excellence
ASCA Strength and conditioning Level 1
Crossfit Level 1
ZUU Level 2
RFU Level 2 (Rugby Coaching)
FA Level 1 (Soccer Coaching)
Units in Psychology