Coach Alex


I became a personal trainer/Coach for two reasons. Firstly, throughout school I was quite a large person and I hated it! I always wanted to be lean and finally I did something about it. I leaned up and started weight training and never wanted to be that fat kid again. Secondly, I want to help as many people as I can to stay healthy and fit.

The type of training I do is CrossFit. It is what I enjoy and is my passion when it comes to training. I like the challenge of hard workouts and being pushed to my limits. I can’t resist a heavy barbell – give me a heavy barbell to squat or deadlift and I’m in heaven. If I had to choose my favourite exercise to do it would be the Snatch.

I train because I love it! It’s the thing I look forward to every day. There is always something to work on and improve, be it moving more efficiently or becoming stronger at. My ultimate goal in training is to qualify for the CrossFit Games and compete at the highest level. I have competed in a few day competitions to get some experience and have felt what it is like to be in a competitive setting.

For me, staying motivated is, for the most part, easy because it’s fun. I love to see what the body can do and see how much it can be pushed. I will tell any and all of my clients the same thing – choose something that you enjoy as there is no point training if you don’t enjoy what you are doing. There are times when I don’t feel motivated to train. On those days, I need a training partner to push me and have a joke around with. Those sessions usually turn out being one of the harder sessions I’ll do in a week.

I’ve done my fair share of sports throughout my life. Throughout my life, I’ve played soccer, baseball, cricket, rugby, ultimate Frisbee and the odd paintball game. My theory is if you don’t come out with some bruises you didn’t go hard enough!