Welcome to the epitome of motivation, innovation and results. Our Rev X 10 week lifestyle challenge is exactly that – a program designed to challenge your everyday lifestyle and improve it for life-long results. This challenge has been specifically designed to help you increase lean muscle and reduce body fat percentage over a 10 week Winter period – meaning you WILL be Summer ready. You will not only be in the best shape of your life, but will feel amazing inside and out!

Get ready, because the LAST CHANCE to start the Challenge is of July 3rd, and remember:


So what is the Rev X Lifestyle Challenge?

The premise the challenge is simple: a tailored nutritional diet plan, in addition to personalised training sessions that will produce unparalleled physical results within a 10 week period. The tailored plan will help you achieve your goals no matter what they are – whether they be fat loss, strength/lean gains, performance, flexibility/mobility, or just to become fitter, faster and stronger!

Sounds good! So what’s next?

There are 3 things we need to do before you are ready to start your fitness transformation journey:

  1. REGISTER – To register, fill in the form above and we’ll be in contact with you to start. Registration carries a $100.00 registration fee and further terms apply. Please see here for full terms and conditions.
  2. NUTRITIONAL WORKSHOP – Book in for our nutritional workshop where we will break down the common myths of nutrition and build your specific and tailored eating plan;
  3. A PERSONALISED CONSULTATION – Sit down one-on-one with one of Head Coaches, to assess your full body composition and develop the specific goals/objectives for you to achieve over the next 10 weeks… AND put a plan in place to help you achieve them.

What’s included in the Challenge?

Once we’ve developed your personalised program, we’ll make sure you’re covered with:

  • Full access with membership to the Revolution X Performance Centre. This means unlimited training sessions depending on your schedule!
  • Full access to personal coaching. Need help, guidance, hints or tips? Come in (or call!) and ask any of the coaches or crew, at any time.
  • Weekly assessment and progress check-ins with your Coach– we want you to achieve your targets just as badly as you do. So it’s best we monitor your weight and program, in order to tweak it where necessary.
  • A challenge pack to equip you with all the tools and knowledge you need to be successful including the detailed nutritional principles to follow, training guidelines and extra at home workouts.

How we measure your results:

  • Pre and post body composition analysis testing – these are specific measurements that show how much weight you have lost (body fat%) and/or how much lean muscle mass you have gained (how you have toned up).
  • Before and after photos – Front, back and side profile shots. Recommended to wear the same items of clothing and to see best results, wear shorts and crop tops for females or shirtless for males, or alternatively opt for underwear or swimwear.

Rev X will internally select a female and male challenge winners. Contrary to popular belief, the winner of the challenge will not be the fittest, or the most ripped Rev X athlete. More so, the winning criteria is judged on a multitude of variables that ultimately determine who has made the most positive change to their life. The points of judgement include:

  • Body Composition change
  • Improvements in physical performance
  • Nutritional intake improvements
  • Attitude towards training (including attendance)
  • Performance and drive at training
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: team-work! Encouragement and support to other challengers.

A daily score sheet and a point structure system will be operational every session to monitor the performance and effort of challengers.

Prizes Include:

$10,000.00 in cash, gift vouchers and other merchandise prizes:

  • The two-winning Challengers will each receive a 6 month FREE & unlimited membership with Revolution X (valued at over $2900.00);
  • Weekly winners of a $500.00 cash prize will be announced;
  • And 2 x weekly spirit awards will awarded in the form of goods and/or gift vouchers.


There are 3 specific phases to the challenge:

  1. ANNIHILATION – Best for drastic body composition (body fat percentage and lean muscle mass) changes. In this phase there will be strict nutritional and training guidelines. For UTLIMATE results in weight loss and toning, this will be the phase you follow for the full 10 weeks.
  2. TRANSFORM – Great for weight loss, with a more flexible diet plan. This phase follows on after 4 weeks of the above. The transition phase allows you to reintroduce additional foods into your diet plan.
  3. NOURISH – Great for maintaining your weight over winter & optimal for improving performance in training. This is a more relaxed approach to eating healthy – you will learn to eat well and how to nourish your body for the results you want in your training.


Want to take your success to the next level? The Rev X cafe offers Challenge meal plans which have been specifically designed to suit male and female body compositions. We offer week to week packages, where you can choose to have from one main meal a day to ALL of your daily meals prepared for you.

Consuming the right number of calories will enable you to lose weight at a healthy rate, keep it off long-term and to sustain OR grow lean muscle mass. Our packages are tailored to suit individual metabolic needs – your coach will point you in the right direction here.


  • If fat loss is a goal, try avoid fruit after lunch for best possible results
  • A maximum of 2 coffees per day – no sugar or sweeteners permitted
  • Drink a minimum of 2-3L Water every day
  • Fish Oils are a must! Be careful in choice though – some inferior brands can contain high levels of mercury which can do more harm than good.
  • If you’re feeling hungry, you can consume unlimited amounts of green, leafy vegetables
  • We recommend a post-workout, water mixed protein shake – but MUST be a Rev X approved shake. Proteins are approved based on nutritional quality and ingredients – always ask us before you buy to make sure you are getting the nutrients you need out of your shake!

Are you ready to take our Challenge?
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