At Rev X we offer a weekly Floor Pilates program as a universal program ideal for everyone. Floor Pilates is a highly recognised program highly popular for developing strength, coordination and for its’ toning benefits. But don’t be fooled by it’s calm and easy looking nature – this is a workout that will have you working up a sweat!

Pilates focuses on core activation to build strength, which assists in all training and performance means. It assists with training progression and injury prevention by strengthening your core and back muscles; improving muscular and postural control and strength; and in promoting awareness in the body – specifically in activation and in breathing techniques. Our Rev X Floor Pilates sessions are a full body integration workout designed to teach your body how to fire up the right muscles, control them and build the strength you need to help keep them switched on when your body needs them most.


  • Tight muscle release;
  • Increased muscular toning and strength;
  • Learning how to breathe properly;
  • Promotes mobility and stability to the pelvic region;
  • Improved physical conditioning;
  • Better balance and coordination;
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation; and
  • Assists in improved performance in all training forms.

Who would like it?

  • Those seeking weight loss and toning
  • Those seeking pelvic floor strengthening (Mums and Mums-to-be this is a perfect low intensity exercise option for you)
  • Those seeking improved performance in training (especially for strength and conditioning principles)
  • Those seeking improved body awareness – to get the right muscles firing in training and awareness in breathing
  • Those wanting to improve posture and/or seeking a key exercise form for rehab/prehab purposes