At Revolution X we understand the importance of mobility in training – after all it is an indication on how well and efficiently we move, and it even helps us ward off injuries.

As such, we’ve introduced spaces dedicated entirely to mobility tools for you to access in order to optimise your range of motion. It’s space where you can freely perform soft tissue work with foam rollers on hand, where you can take the time to stretch, to isolate muscle activation and work prehab and rehab movements. It’s THE space for you to focus on boosting your athletic progression outside of your regular sessions.

Be sure to check in with us for upcoming Mobility classes which we regularly host.

Warm up, cool down, stretch out, strengthen and simply relax in our mobility space.

For all your other prehab, mobility, massage and rehabilitation needs we recommend seeing Gabby, Dora and the crew upstairs at Pure Motion Body and Fitness! We work closely with them to make sure we can implement any programs they provide you and to make sure the training you are participating is modified and measured to ensure the safest and most effective training for you.