Here at Revolution X we love encouraging little ones to develop healthy habits from the earliest of ages. It is important to help
educate kids on nutrition and fitness, so that they can go on to grow and develop into strong, happy, healthy adolescents.
Our Cool Kids Club program is designed to help get kids active and equip them with an understanding of how to make healthier
lifestyle choices and ultimately introduce them into a world of achievement and success.

Our focus is on making regular physical activity fun whilst educational, enjoyable and beneficial for growing little bodies.
We have specialist coaches working behind the scenes to develop exciting programs specifically to suit the needs of ages 5 – 9 years old (8am) and 10-14 years old (9am)

The Cool Kids Club runs weekly on a Saturday – perfect for Mums and Dads to enjoy a workout of their own at Rev X or to simply
kick back for a morning coffee at The Little Lion Cafe whilst watching the little ones in action.

With our progressive and varied Kids CrossFit program, and under our coaches’ supervision – all kids will get a chance to learn
and experience movements involving gymnastics, functional fitness and basic strength elements.

Details about the sessions:

The sessions, which run for one hour, will include a combination of:

– Skill development, activation and technique coaching to ensure good form for safety in exercising
– Fun, dynamic workouts designed for positive and conducive energy release, in a controlled and safe environment under
supervision from our expert Coach/Coaches
– Varied exercise drills that help foster development of interest in sports and physical activity
– Workshops and demonstrations of gymnastic and body weight movements – which are transferable into most sports!
– Some fun and games (of course), both individual and team based to encourage teamwork
– Learning how to warm up, cool down and stretch to prevent injury and improve athletic performance
– A chance to make NEW FRIENDS!
– An early development that could set them up for a life of good health, natural movements and exceptional athletic ability

Further details:

Our Cool Kids Club is programmed to run in blocks of 6 weeks at a time, with
each block scheduled around the school term to make it flexible for Mum/Dad.
Registration is essential and to give you and your little one an opportunity to
meet their Coach, and for them to answer any questions you may have, we host
a registration session the Saturday prior to the program commencing.

Please note, there is a compulsory uniform for our Cool Kids Club which is inclusive
of sports attire shorts and enclosed joggers (for safety). A Cool Kids Club pack can
be purchased at the time of registration which includes a shirt and hat for uniform.

Cost: $95.00 for the full 6 week program (please ensure payment is processed at the time of registration).

For more information on upcoming registration dates please check out the calendar here OR contact us for more information.