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Rob’s ‘No fluff’ Top 10 Tips for success

Happy New Year Rev X’ers!!

Yeeeeha!  Its January 2018 and this is going to be my year. It’s going to be the best year of my life.

New Year New Me!!

Let’s see… what are my resolutions for 2018…..?


I’m going to lose weight,

I’m going to “eat clean”

I’m going to spend more time with my family

I’m going to be more happy

I’m going to get financially independent

I’m going to help others

I’m going to travel more

I’m going to ……………………………………

Does this sound familiar?  

Forget groundhog day … it’s groundhog year and once again you’re recycling the same old resolutions from years past.

So let’s cut the fluff.

The reason so many people fail to accomplish their “New Year’s resolutions “ is they don’t have an action plan.

If you are serious about making this year YOUR YEAR then you need to make a plan and take action.



Here are my ‘no fluff’ 10 STEPS to success.

Follow them I can guarantee you will be successful.


Because we have heard this 1000 times, year after year, the importance of goal setting is often overlooked. Don’t just say it. Sit down, right now, and do it.


What are you trying to achieve? and please be specific. I mean REALLY specific.

All the goals listed above are NOT specific.  Let me break it down:

‘Losing weight’. NOT specific.

Whereas, ‘I want to lose 4 kg of body fat while maintaining my lean muscle over the next month. I will start on the 28th of Jan and will reach my goals by the 28th of Feb.


Cut out the fluff.

‘I want to spend more time with my family’.


Whereas, ‘I will commit to have a date night with my wife at least every second Friday’.


Here are some of my specific goals for 2018:

– I will have a daddy daughter day every Tuesday as I have the mornings off.

– I will have a family dinner with my parents and siblings every Thursday night.

Get the idea?

Not only is it important to be really honest with yourself, you need to be realistic as you pen your new specific goals.

Quite often you will know the ‘what’ but not the ‘why’.

So ask yourself the question. WHY is it important to you to achieve these goals?

You need to find the emotion behind the reason WHY you must make it happen and WHY achieving these things will make a difference in your life.


This one is so important and so simple, yet sometimes overlooked.

Look at your specific goals and then be equally as vigilant in seeking out the right people, resources or information that can help you achieve your goals.

Find the experts in the field. Seek out people who have the knowledge and the skills to service your needs.

For example, if you want to get strong, find coaches that have a proven track record of making people strong.

If you want to be a professional weightlifter you aren’t going to hire a tennis coach. No, that would be stupid.

If you want to nutritional advice in regards to losing weight,  find someone that knows what they’re talking about and be observant.  Do they LOOK like someone who practises what they preach? Are they someone who could have helped 100’s if not 1000’s of others.  When you ask a question do they sound knowledgeable? Can they answer your questions without hesitation?

Finally, and most importantly, IF YOU PAY PEANUTS YOU GET MONKEYS.

Good coaches spend their lives studying and experimenting for years to become great.

If you want the best you have to invest in the best. Be wary of overnight experts that have achieved nothing and have no track record. Think twice about joining a gym that needs to discount their services by more that 50% to get clients.

Injury and misinformation is a lot more expensive than investing in a professional and quality service.


Motivation vs inspirations

Motivation is bullshit. It might last one minute, one day, maybe a week. Inspiration can last a lifetime if you find yours.




Stop thinking and start doing.  Like NOW.

As Apollo Creed said to Rocky in Rocky III, ‘There is no tomorrow, … THERE IS NO TOMORROW’!!

Think about all the times you have put-off doing something you have wanted to do. Or worse, need to do.  What if you just started? I can guarantee that if you had started the first time you thought about doing it you would have already reached your goals by now.


Want to run a marathon? It all starts with the first step. You can start with 100m on your first day and then add small increments to your distance every day until you reach your goal of a marathon distance.

Start with what you can do, no matter how small, but just get going. DO something! Anything! Just start!

It is the lack of action that kills more dreams than anything else.



Accountability is one of the greatest tools we can utilise to ensure a successful journey towards our goals.

So how do you stay accountable?

Well… put it out there. Tell people your goals and what you are trying to achieve. Maybe someone will have a similar goal or be inspired to share theirs with you. It’s always a lot easier to navigate your way through obstacles and challenges when you have someone else to turn to when you hit a roadblock or just a group of people who you can share the journey with.

And to be honest, it just feels good to know you can check in with someone who understands and who cares. So share your goals with people you care about and respect and you’ll all be able to celebrate your achievements together along the way.


If you want to be a lion you have to train with lions

Did you know it is said that you become the average of the 5 people you associate with the most.

If you hang out with complacent people , chances are you will also become complacent.

Seek out and hang around people with similar goals to yours.

Find people that are doing what you want to do, people that will lift you when you’re down, people that will high five you when you hit one of your goals because they can relate to the importance of reaching that achievement.

If training is one of your goals, then train with people that are fitter faster and stronger than you are.

If losing weight is a goal, then associate with people who have great nutritional habits.

Remember: Your ‘vibe’ attracts your ‘tribe’.


OK now that we are moving, they key is to keep moving forward. Think of it like compound interest but with your goals and actions. Every day aim to do a little more or a little better and before you know it you will be flying. That 100m run has turned into that 22 km marathon, and I bet you didn’t even notice.


This is something that ALL people that don’t achieve their goals don’t do.

Recording data will allow you to visually see what you have done and the ability to assess what you have to do to keep moving forward. This information will also give you a gauge of how you are tracking throughout your journey towards your goals and be an indicator of what you might need to tweak or change to stay on track.

It is also essential for step 9….


By revisiting you goals regularly you bring them to life. It will re-plant in your subconscious the what’s and the WHY’s and ensure they are being actioned.

By revisiting them daily weekly and monthly you can take immediate action if things aren’t going the way they need to be AND because you were so diligent with step 8, you have all your data recorded so you can look over what you have done and make corrections to make sure you’re still on track to achieving your goals.

My message to you is DON’T WAIT until it is too late and once again you are reflecting on the year that was, waiting for the year to be over so you can start (again) and make 2019 the ‘best year of your life’.


Don’t be in too much of a hurry and don’t expect miracles.

Good health is a marathon and not a sprint. By following these steps and creating good habits you really CAN do anything you put your mind to. Health and fitness is a lifestyle, not just a short term ‘experience’.

So go out there, find your ‘tribe’, create your ‘vibe’ and get started on creating the life you have always wanted.

No Fluff & Peace,

Robert Kastoun.

PS.  Here’s a sneak peak of my own journey back into good health.  My keys to success? All of the above 🙂

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