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The Non-Sexy Stuff: The little things you don’t see the others’ doing.

Coach Alex talks about what it really takes to master the CrossFit movements:
When it comes to CrossFit training everyone wants to be able to lift massive amounts of weight, walk effortlessly on their hands, perform muscle ups; they want to be able do all the sexy movements.
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Mobility: Is it really that important?

Coach Dan’s two cents on Mobility:

You spend numerous hours in the gym getting fitter, working on your weakness, and getting

stronger, but how much time do you set aside taking care of your bodies?
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Reality VS. Expectation: Setting goals and what is takes to achieve them.

Some key notes on goal setting with Coach Rash:

Being successful in health and fitness, in improving body composition and aesthetics, and progression in performance are all easily achieved with hard work and dedication. That’s right, the key to success is as simple as that. Yet why do we struggle so hard to get where we want to be?

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