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‘Start them Young”-A look at the benefits derived from early physical education and development to our younger generations.

CrossFit Kids Coach Hayley takes us through the importance of teaching our kids by example and the benefits that will follow…
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Injury and Training. Do we need to stop?

Coach Rash takes us through the truths of what injury actually means to your training and the importance of pre-habilitation

During times of unfortunate injury we tend to look at ourselves as unable and powerless. The fact of the matter is you have a set back and the world will still go on regardless. When it comes to work and family, people seem to adapt and move on quick. When it comes to training we tend to stop, sabotage or give up. Why do we do this?

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Pilates. What’s all the fuss about?

Chiropractor and Head Pilates Instructor Dora, (@puremotionbodyandfitness) takes us through the greater benefits of Pilates not only for improvement in performance but state of mind.Read more

Consistency is Key: An insight into building a better you.

Coach 99 (Alex A) outlines what it takes to become a better athlete:
As a coach, I frequently get asked the same question- ‘How do I get better?’ This question may be specific to a particular lift, exercise or body goal but the essence is still the same. How do I go beyond my current level or capabilities?

Today I am going to give you some insight into what I consider to be the key elements to building a better you. This is not only applicable on the gym floor or on the track but will translate outside of the gym in your everyday life. As with most articles surrounding this subject you may have read, there is no quick fix or super supplements that are going to transform your performance or body overnight.
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Keeping accountable: When Challenge is over, will you be satisfied that you did all that you could to achieve the best possible outcome?

Doing what the Coaches can’t: Coach Aldo recognises how we can identify our own accountability in training.
With Challenge well underway it is important that we can reflect on how we feel we are doing by keeping ourselves personally accountable for the actions we make.

A simple definition of personal accountability can be defined as:
Being willing to answer for the outcomes resulting from your choices, behaviours, and actions.’
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Stress & Training: How training performance gains may be affected by your stress.

Head of Strength and Conditioning, Coach Dimi, explains the science behind stress and it’s impact on our bodies.

Why has life become so stressful? You can’t understand why you have become so stuck in the rat race of life and it has taken over your entire being. Work is worrying you…you’re not sleeping enough…you’re financially unstable…your children are misbehaving…your partner is giving you heartache…or someone has attacked you on social media. All of these factors are triggers of negative stressors but what it’s doing to your training goals plays a huge role in why you’re not progressing as well as you’d hoped.
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Keeping motivated this Winter: Don’t HIBERNATE, ANNIHILATE.

Head Coach Rob gives us his top 10 tips to keeping motivated during Winter:
It’s that time of the year again where we farewell the warmer weather. It gets darker earlier, temperature is dropping and we know winter is on its way.
Being a coach for over 20 years I think I can safely say I have worked out the patterns of human behaviour over winter, for the large majority.
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The Non-Sexy Stuff: The little things you don’t see the others’ doing.

Coach Alex talks about what it really takes to master the CrossFit movements:
When it comes to CrossFit training everyone wants to be able to lift massive amounts of weight, walk effortlessly on their hands, perform muscle ups; they want to be able do all the sexy movements.
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Mobility: Is it really that important?

Coach Dan’s two cents on Mobility:

You spend numerous hours in the gym getting fitter, working on your weakness, and getting

stronger, but how much time do you set aside taking care of your bodies?
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Reality VS. Expectation: Setting goals and what is takes to achieve them.

Some key notes on goal setting with Coach Rash:

Being successful in health and fitness, in improving body composition and aesthetics, and progression in performance are all easily achieved with hard work and dedication. That’s right, the key to success is as simple as that. Yet why do we struggle so hard to get where we want to be?

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