Coach Rob

Director, Head Coach & “Master Chief” (@revxstrengthcoach)

Keeping fit has always been my life! Growing up I was involved in martial arts and rugby league and anything else that involved being outdoors and enjoying life.

Once I left school, and without a rigid and focused frame of mind I became unhealthy, overweight and uncomfortable with myself. I smoked at least 2 packets of cigarettes a day and led a very unhealthy lifestyle that consisted of takeaway food, alcohol and no training! I struggled with day to day activities, even walking, I put on a lot of weight, had no energy, and my blood pressure was high. As a result, I became a borderline diabetic with high cholesterol!

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 Coach Rach

Head Coach (@coachrash)

As head coach of Revolution X, I pride myself in the ability to work alongside an amazing team. Together we strive to empower our community with knowledge. We work to instill healthy habits and successful lifestyles into everyone’s journey. To be a part of someone’s journey and to help guide them through their goals and challenges, is my objective. To allow an individual to be mentored through their health and fitness journey, makes achieving goals less complicated. Through my life experience as a coach and athlete I believe success is within reach for all at Revolution X.

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 Coach Dimi

Head of Strength & Conditioning (@dimipoulos)

Dimi Poulos is no stranger to sports. Starting her athletic career in soccer and now a high level CrossFit athlete in Australia, her passion for sports led her to helping others achieve their personal goals through fitness. After being awarded a full soccer scholarship to study at Winthrop University in South Carolina (USA); Dimi earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fitness and Wellness while also earning Goalkeeper of the year in her conference league. Her interest in body mechanics led her to study under high level Strength and Conditioning coaches learning how to program for specific sports.

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 Coach Aldo


Since my introduction to CrossFit in 2012, continual improvement in strength, speed, and stamina are surpassed only by a newfound commitment to see that same improvement in individuals at Revolution X and the larger CrossFit community worldwide.

A little about me and why I train…
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 Coach Dan


I believe that the ultimate goal of training should be to improve not only physical health and performance, but also life outside the gym. First and foremost the importance of acknowledging that everyone has different goals in life is something that I feel cannot be stressed enough. Therefore, I am committed to assisting individuals in the improvement of all facets to their lives and to help each individual achieve what may have, at one point, been unachievable.

 Coach 99 (Alex.A.)

As with the rest of the team at REV X, I have a strong passion for anything sports or outdoors! I love being able to share my passion with the wider community and enjoy being able to help others’ better achieve an active/healthy lifestyle. I am a firm believer in the motto ‘everything in moderation’, which translates well into the way I live my life both in the gym and out. I played a variety of team sports during and after school with basketball quickly becoming my favourite.
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 Coach Josh


Growing up I always loved sports and anything outdoors, This led me to play and try every possible sport and activity. From as young as I can remember I always wanted to go to the gym and couldn’t wait until I was finally old enough to start training. I’ve been training in various strength and condition techniques for nearly 10 years over the past 4 years I’ve discover CrossFit and tried to learn everything there is to know about it. This is where my passion and desire to learn everything possible about the health and fitness industry has grown.

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 Coach Dora

Head Pilates Instructor (@puremotionbodyandfitness)
As a Chiropractor and Pilates instructor, my vision is to see people improve their quality of life. Exercise is not just a way for us to stay in shape; it is a way for us to develop strength, flexibility, coordination, speed, agility and endurance. I am a person who thrives on challenges and believes in providing 100% commitment to my patients/clients at all times. Pilates has been one of my biggest tools in assisting with spinal health improvement, developing stabilization, refining posture, improving mechanics of movement, reeducating muscle recruitment patterns and reinforcing function and well being. All these combined will improve performance in any form of training. I strongly believe that the condition of the body influences the state of the mind.
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 The Rev X Crew

For anything else you might need – you can find one of our friendly crew in club for a chat or give us a call:
1300 738 972 (REVX PC)

Victoria Janna

 Member Helpers

Our member helpers are some more friendly faces around the gym, who you will see from time to time behind reception, helping coach or assisting with events. They can also help you with any questions you may have – so please don’t hesitate to grab them if you need them!