Injury and Training. Do we need to stop?

Coach Rash takes us through the truths of what injury actually means to your training and the importance of pre-habilitation

During times of unfortunate injury we tend to look at ourselves as unable and powerless. The fact of the matter is you have a set back and the world will still go on regardless. When it comes to work and family, people seem to adapt and move on quick. When it comes to training we tend to stop, sabotage or give up. Why do we do this?

Training and exercise for most, gets to a point of enjoyment and often is considered a hobby. When you are suddenly told that you are not allowed to do a certain movement, or are told you need to back off the intensity, you can feel as though there is no point training, and convince yourself that there is nothing you can possible do.

I’m here to share that the reality is,  there is ALWAYS something your Coach can give you. There is always an adaptable or modified workout that can be programmed for you. Furthermore, got any rehab that has been prescribed for your injury? Don’t fear we got you back? Yes that’s right we can incorporate that into your training day and help with progress of your recovery.

The main focus whilst training with an injury is guidance from your chiro/physio/osteo etc., and most importantly their ability to communicate with your coach. Having a team working towards a common goal allows for a safe and effective recovery period. Another focus whilst training with injury is to keep clear of pain. A lot of the time we believe it’s best to soldier on and push through it. NO!! Listen to your Coach, listen to your Health Practitioner and listen to your body.  We will always find an alternative to your training. Makes sure you speak up and communicate everything with your Coach because this can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful session, the difference between achieving your goals or not.

It is unfortunate that injury can occur from unforeseen circumstances or from accidental incidents, but most injuries can be avoided. When a Coach prescribes a movement to you they will always have a purpose. If the workout of the day (WOD) is not what they have given you, don’t feel as if you are incapable or there is a problem, think of it as your Coach specifying to your needs. Treat it as your coach caring individually for what will progress you best. Most people get annoyed when they are told NOT to do the workout on the board or even to scale back movements or loads. The goal should be not only to make it through today’s session, but tomorrow and the following days/ weeks/ months/years. Taking one step back can progress an individual and also protect them from unnecessary problems that could cause injury. A program is predominately used as a guideline; a great Coach will tailor those guidelines to what is needed specifically for you.

Another fundamental aspect of looking after yourself is injury prevention. This includes Prehabilitation (Prehab) and movement preparation. Your warmups, mobility and activation drills are there for a purpose. We aim to prepare the body for what is too come. We teach the body how to engage correct movement patterns that will enable you to replicate those movements under load and intensity during your work out. We will teach you how to activate specific muscle groups, in order to teach the mind to connect to the body and focus in on what you should feel, what should work and what should happen with your body for it to function correctly.

Generally we do this in a manner that doesn’t challenge your cardiovascular aspect (too much) or make you feel the “huff and puff”. It may make you feel like you’re not doing too much of a tough “physical session” yet it will drain you neurologically -or as we like to say “fry your brain.” (Unless you do an extended Rash warm-up  ). The purpose of taking prehab and movement preparation slow and steady, is to allow the body to have the ability to ‘get it right’. We want to teach your body to function precisely and allow it the chance to develop, progress and thrive.

Through enhancing the functional capacity of an individual prior to each session we are enabling a safer environment for the body to perform in. We are ‘tuning in’ on your minds ability to perform tasks appropriately and then allowing room for everything to be amplified as intensity and/or load will generally be increased.

If a Coach modifies something for you, appreciate they have your goals and best interest at heart and are willing to listen and put the time and effort into making you successful. Injury should NOT stop your training and if you have a great Coach they will show you how – Just ask!