Keeping motivated this Winter: Don’t HIBERNATE, ANNIHILATE.

Head Coach Rob gives us his top 10 tips to keeping motivated during Winter:
It’s that time of the year again where we farewell the warmer weather. It gets darker earlier, temperature is dropping and we know winter is on its way.
Being a coach for over 20 years I think I can safely say I have worked out the patterns of human behaviour over winter, for the large majority.

As the temperature drops so do our class numbers. People get lazier as the comfort of their heater and the electric blankets of their warm bed is too much to be apart from. We start to wear more layers of clothing and the jelly belly doesn’t matter as much. Then the comfort foods kick in… A salad???? “Hell no, I would rather have some pasta or something warm like that”. Calorie dense beauties that taste so good while our asses are superglued to the couch watching The Voice or MasterChef.

As winter progresses our jumpers get heavier and we get larger. Our motivation level is so low and it gets harder and harder to get out of bed in the mornings, let alone train. Soon enough it’s September, and with that, the effects of hibernating over the winter kicks in. It’s not until that first sunny day of spring as you walk outside and have to take your jacket off that you have a melt down and realise what you have done.
‘’It’s happened again…I feel so fat…I’m so depressed…OMG!!!!!’’

It’s at this point you realise ‘’I need to get back into shape’’. It’s the time that the RevX phone rings off the hook with people wanting to come back to training and asking when the next 30 Day Challenge is. Well I’m here to tell you that unfortunately one 30 Day Challenge isn’t going to do it for you.

It’s the same thing year in and year out. Everybody wants that amazing beach body that they see on Instagram or Facebook or even in those prehistoric paper things called magazines, but the question I put to you is, ARE YOU PREPARED TO DO WHAT IT TAKES TO GET THERE?

Do you even know what it takes to get there? It is possible to look and feel your best for this coming summer BUT you need to start NOW and right through the winter months.

The definition of insanity according to Albert Einstein is – doing the same thing over and over again expecting to get a different result.

Knowing that, let me pose a question to you. Were you 100% happy with the way you looked and felt after last winter? Were you beach body ready last year?

If you answered NO to these questions do you think by doing the same thing, anything will change and will you be happy with that?

If you finally get it and understand that you need to take massive action NOW to get the results you’re looking for then we are here to help guide and support you every step of the way.

OK, let’s get started.

Here are my top 10 tips for becoming the person you want to be:

1. Identify your goal for the winter. That may consist of:
– Drastically improving your body composition
– Improving your health and wellbeing
– Improving your performance and getting stronger

Or as simple as:

– Maintaining your results i.e not put on any weight over winter
– Once you understand what your goal is then you can set a plan to get you there

2. Hold yourself accountable. Whether it is to yourself, to your coach, to your family or community, or through a social media post. Do it. From my experience, this is the game changer.

3. Surround yourself with like-minded positive people that will help you achieve your goals. In life, you have two types of people PUSHERS and PULLERS. The pushers are the ones that will push you up the mountain of life and the pullers will pull you down. Remember you become the average of the 5 people you associate with the most.

4. Get tested to see where you are now. Book in for a body composition assessment with one of our Coaches (call to book, ph: 02 9760 1866).

5. Get professional help. Save yourself time, money and heartache. Seek the help and advice from someone who specialises in the goal you’re trying to achieve. Check their experience and track record. Unfortunately, sometimes the advice of your friends, family or google warriors isn’t the best advice.

6. Nutrition is the most important part of any transformation. Know the facts and book in for a nutrition seminar.

7. Be consistent with your training. Commit. Prioritise.

8. Record Data to track your progress.

9. Take photos along the way, from every day to at least once a fortnight.

10. Stay positive and when times get tough think of the end result you’ve worked so hard for.


Always remember when it heats up there is no escaping that you will need to take off your jumper and trackies. How good will it feel to be in the best shape of your life the first warm day of spring, instead of feeling fat and depressed.

I challenge you…

Let’s do this.


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